Hacking Sonos

2015-11-12 09:48 PST

I have been using Sonos for several years, and frankly I love it. The sound is great, the interface was good and has only gotten better. In short, I am a convert. We don’t do TV in our house, but we do do music. Since we purchased Sonos, and replaced our old iTunes streaming things - whatever they were called before “AirPlay,” our house if filled with music. My wive was at first very skeptical when I showed her the price tag, but she has used it every day for the past four years. It has more than paid for itself in ease of use, lack of fiddlyness,a and in awesome solid sound.

Below is a collection of links that I have found useful in working with Sonos. It would be awesome if they had a restful API, but alas, they do not. Instead, they provide some visibility and control via an http server running on port 1400. Here, in one place are the links that I often find myself Googling for.