A complete copy of my resume is available upon request, but here are some things that I have been up to for the last several years.

I have experience building and administering medium-sized TCP/IP networks in educational and enterprise environments. I am well versed in network topology and excel when it comes to strategic planning and providing services in creative ways, while following standards and best practices.

Operating Systems

Debian CentOS RHEL Ubuntu Fedora Mac OS X Mac OS X Server Windows Server Solaris OpenSolaris OpenIndiana SunOS BeOS

Systems Administration

Route53 Bind DNSmasq MS DNS DHCP RADIUS Active Directory Open Directory LDAP

Software Release, Continuous Integration, and Version Control

Jenkins TeamCity Vagrant Packer Git Subversion CVS

Virtualization and Containerization

Docker VMware ESX/i Hyper-V Skytap Cloud AWS EC2 RackSpace

Configuration Management

Puppet Chef Ansible Salt JAMF Casper Suite


Nagios Dashing rrdtool mrtg Graphite Cacti CloudWatch

Mail Systems

Sendmail Cyrus Dovecott Postfix Exchange (5.5-2013)

Shells and Shell Scripting

bash zsh tcsh ksh csh sh


Python Ruby Perl CoffeeScript JavaScript AppleScript Java


TCP/IP Routing L3 Switching 802.1q VLANs 802.1x Authentication Cisco WatchGuard SonicWall pfSense F5 Aruba Wireless Networks 802.11(a,b,g,n,ac) WLANs pcap/tcpdump Ethereal/Wireshark LACP BGP


PostgreSQL MySQL Oracle (10g - 12c) Microsoft SQL Server

Web Technologies

Tomcat WebLogic WebObjects PHP Ruby on Rails HTML5 XHTML HTML4 CSS JavaScript Java Flash Shockwave